We provide following:

Interpreting services
Help for starting up an owners union
Help for getting your deed (Tapu)
Help for Iskan (occupation permit)
Help for power of attorney by notary public
Help for residence permit
Help to renewal of already achieved residence permit
Help for establishing bank account/ accounts
Repairs and re-establishments tasks
Tender on building- earthquake- and house contents insurance
Building reports on complexes
Building reports on separate accommodations
Find the accommodations you would like to own in Turkey
Additional services (cleaning, car rent etc.)

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We provide translations to/from following languages:
  • danish->turkish / turkish->danish
  • danish->german / german->danish
  • danish->english / english->danish
  • german->turkish / turkish->german
  • english->turkish / turkish->english
  • Standard and common translations are made partly by our selves, and in cooperation’s with experienced translators. Technical and legal translations are made by certified translators by proposal. ( 1 A 4 page = 1000 sign)

    Price for standard translation per A 4 page = 30 €

    Interpreting services
    Do you need help in different situations like visiting municipality, a telephone company, power station, lawyer, accountant etc., we provide you with a qualified person to take you “by the hand “ and make sure that you understand all that is going on.

    Price per hour = 35 €

    Help for starting up an owners union
    Are you a part of a complex with more that 7 units, it is by Turkish law a must to create an owners union. This is a heavy process and takes some knowledge to do so. We offer professional help with help from our trustworthy collaborator, like our attorney and our accountant. We want everything to be right from the start. Depending of the numbers of units in your complex, the price will be calculated.

    Help for getting your deed (Tapu)
    We will help you to get your deed (Tapu), and “hold your hand “throughout the entire process. The only thing you need to do is to come to Alanya once, for making residence permission (if needed) and preparing the other things that needs to be ready. (Tax number, bank account, etc.)

    We make sure that you are ”proper dressed” before you leave home, and everything is prepared by the time of your arrival. You will need to calculate minimum 5 days in Alanya (working days Monday - Friday)

    Under normal circumstances the whole procedure will take about 6 – 8 weeks, and when we have your power of attorney in our hand, we will make sure that we get your final deed (Tapu), when it is ready, and ensure that it will be delivered to your private address in your home country.

    Price for help per. deed (Tapu) = 225 €
    (Expenses for the residence permit, power of attorney, public notary as well as the translator is not included)

    Help for Iskan (occupation permit)
    If you not as agreed in your sales contract have received your ”Ferdi Iskan” (occupation permit) we can help you with this. You must have a copy of the ”Ön Iskan” from the developer/estate agent, which is the Iskan who underlie the Iskan for completion of the entire building project. ”Ferdi Iskan” is a very important document, and necessary otherwise you can not be connected to public water or electricity from the electric company.There will be a charge to pay to the local council for this,and the amount may vary from local council to local council,but it take basis in the number of m2. There will also be a small charge for the electricity meter number and the water meter number.

    Price for help for Iskan = 325 €

    Help for power of attorney by notary public
    If you need a power of attorney (or if you have other documents which needs notary endorsement), we will help you with this. We will take the time and give you qualified personnel to go with you to the public notary, and we will see to that your business by the public notary proceed as trouble-free as possible.

    Price for help by the public notary = 75 €
    (Expenses for the public notary and translator are not included)

    Help for residence permit
    If you need a residence permit, to take your deed (Tapu) or buy a car or motor scooter, sign up by the telephone company (landline telephone or the internet) we can do that together with you.. You must be prepared to put 5 working days (Monday-Friday) into the process in Alanya, and then you will have your residence permit. If you don`t have a bank account and a ”tax number” (which is an assumption) we will help you to get that to.

    Price for help for residence permit = 150 €
    (Expenses for residence permit, public notary and translator is not included)

    Help to renewal of already achieved residence permit
    Perhaps you didn`t get your deed (Tapu) with your first residence permit because it expired, we will help you to get your residence permit extended, this will request your attendance for 5 working days (Monday-Friday ) in Alanya. We will ensure that you are well prepared before you arrive, so everything will proceed as it should.

    Price for help to already achieved residence permit = 100 €
    (Expenses for residence permit, public notary and translator is not included)

    Help for establishing bank account/ accounts
    If you need help to establish a bank account or maybe several, we will go with you to the bank, and take care of it together with you. The only thing that you will have to take care of is to bring your passport, and then we will provide you with the necessary ”tax number” which will be required for establishing a bank account.

    Help establishing of bank account /accounts = 70 €

    Repairs and re-establishments tasks
    Through our experience, we unfortunately often see too many developers, who don`t complete the hole construction or don`t deliver the promised quality.

    If you need a reliable and trustworthy quote of things you want done or repaired, we will get you a decent offer from a serious subcontractor, we don`t believe in shoddy repairs and we don`t believe in commission, we will not make that kind of deals.

    Tender on building- earthquake- and house contents insurance
    We provide insurances for your accommodations in any sense. We do that in cooperation with one of Turkeys most serious and major companies, so if the accident should happen, they will help you immediately and there are no problems getting your insurance money paid out, so no delays.

    Help getting all insurances in order = 35 €

    Building reports on complexes
    With support from educated civil engineers we will prepare a complete building report, which will show you all serious flaws and defects, collated with the complete building report, we will take pictures ( and send them to you) so that there are no doubts about what you were promised in the contract and what you got !!The report will be send to you in 2 languages after your wish.

    Price per. Building report on complexes = 1.000 €

    Building reports on separate accommodations'
    Same procedures as in complexes.

    Price per. building report on separate accommodations' = 300 €

    Find the accommodations you would like to own in Turkey
    As something new we will undertake to negotiate the price for your accommodations in Turkey. We will take the dialog with the sales representative whether it is the developer or an estate agent. The market right now is ready for negotiation, and there are very good opportunities to negotiate the price further down, we know the market, the system and the culture, and therefore we can get the best price for you. TCS will charge you 25% of the achieved reduction in fee if you buy.

    Additional services

    Cleaning of furnished accommodations’
    Standard apartment 1+1 = 40,00 €
    Standard apartment 2+1 = 45,00 €
    Standard apartment 3+1 = 55,00 €
    Penthouse apartment = 70,00 €
    Villa = 90,00 €

    Construction cleaning (particular dirty accommodations’)
    Standard apartment 1+1 = 55,00 €
    Standard apartment 2+1 = 65,00 €
    Standard apartment 3+1 = 75,00 €
    Penthouse apartment = 125,00 €
    Villa = 225,00 €

    All cleaning must be orderd 3 days in advance. Our supplier guarantee full compensation by any damage made regarding to the cleaning.

    Key service
    Copy of standard key each = 5,00 €
    Copy of system key each = 6,00 €
    Copy of speciel key each = 6,00 €
    Change of lock in front door inclusive 4 keys (per. lock) = 45,00 €

    Car rental
    Do you need to rent a car for more than a week,during your stay? Then we will get you the right car at the right price, we will make sure that everything is in order, regarding insurance and papers, as well as, that the car you have rented is in a sound stand (technical).We cooperate only with the best on the market, and we know that most people knows that there are a considerable fluctuation in prices, We will get you the best price.

    Price for arranging car rental = 25 €

    Everything else
    If you should have a specific issue or task, then contact we and we will give you a proposition with a non –binding offer. We thing that we can solve most of the issues that you will come across, because of our wide acquaintances that we have built op for the last three years, and through our close network that we network that we have. We charge € 35 per hour from the time where we have an agreement, exclusive all additional expenses or/and costs due to the assignment.

    All prices are inclusive 18 % VAT