Who are we?

Bo Weber Christensen
Born. 18.of marts 1956, married to Inge Ærendal-Mikkelsen

From 1990 - 2005 I was employed in the Danish part of one of the largest security companies in the world. It was here that I got my certified international executive training, and over the years did hold different executive positions in the company. The last 4 years with various speciel assignments within product development, sales promotion, conflict resolution and different ”turn around” in different business units.

In the fall of 2005 I completely changed line of business, and became a part of the real estate market in Alanya and surrounding country, at first in sales and services, and later in a constructing company, following a job as manager in a service- and management company.

But the strong wish to start my own business with all the contacts I have build up through the years and by, over time my extensive knowledge about the real estate market in Turkey, am now the reason that I have decided to start Turkey Consulting and Services together with Inge.

Inge Ærendal-Mikkelsen
Born 29 October 1962, married to Bo Weber Christensen

I have worked for many years in different areas in the services business, so I think that I am well founded in the various offers in the services business. The last 15 years in Denmark I was among other things employed as a purchasing agent from the U.S, security guard, lifeguard, prison guard, and not at least a number of years as a gate keeper.

In late summer 2006 Bo and I decided (together with our daughter Anne) to follow Bo to Turkey, and move to Alanya, where we now feel us very well established, and therefore we have chosen to sell our house and other things in Denmark, and to have full focus on Turkey, where we feel very much at home.

Very fast, I started working in the same company as Bo, my job was in the customer / service department. When Bo changed his job in at the beginning of 2007, I followed him to the new company and was employed on part time, to help with the invoices and customer service.

So I thing that with Bo`s and mine mutual background, I am very well ”dressed” to take this big opportunity and start our own business.

Our reason for doing this
Through almost 3 years we have seen that there still too much ”swaying in the waltz”. To many frivolous companies, who will promise you anything, but far from keeping their promises and golden words.

This is where we would like to indicate a clear difference, we want to be the reliable collaborator, those who you can trust and who can provide for your requests. That is why we have chosen our collaborators very carefully, and made sure, as much as we can, that they /we can live up to our motto: We make a difference.

The Turkeys people is incredible friendly, welcoming, and forthcoming people, but in their nature / culture there is a kind being very ”easy going”, and that can make many people (special Europeans), feel that they are left in ”no where”

We would very much like to try to change this in Turkey Consulting and Services.