What is our achievement and goal?

We would like to be the serious and trustworthy collaborator, who will deliver a service so that you as a customer can be satisfied, and we as supplier can be proud.

As an consulting company we will see it as an honour, to provide you with the best and most professional service, and that is why we will give you individual customer attention from start to finish.

All of our prices on consulting is based on the average time consumption, calculated and based on our knowledge of the duration of the service you want done, this is in our opinion, the best way to offer you the most fair price, for the time spent to solve your task.

It is very significant to us, that you as a customer is pleased, and that you had a good experience and that you felt that you did get the best possible help at the right price. Therefore is it very important to us, that you will tell us, if there were anything at all you were not pleased with. That is the only way for us to develop and become better, our goal is high, and we simply wish to be the best in our field.

So welcome to our web page, we hope that you will find the page easy to use and informative, and we would be happy to serve you in the future here in Alanya.

Best regards

Inge Ærendal-Mikkelsen & Bo Weber Christensen